What's new in Annie Body's world . . .

It's true that summer is officially over, however, I have decided to extend My Fan Club Summer Super Sale till My Birth Day, Oct. 14th. Just My little way of saying thank you for being a Fan! Click Here to Join Now!

BTW: If you are one who enjoys being taken advantage of, well . . . you may enjoy joining My secrete society slave program which you can contact me for more information on should this be your type of thing.

Oh and do make sure to also check out My newest project @ AnnieHypno.com where My subs and slaves, just like you, enjoy going and play!

Also, I am presently campaigning on MyFreeImplants.com to raise the funds for Super Large Breast Augmentation surgery. If you are like Me and would like to see the next Guinness World Record title, for the world larges breast implants, go to Me and My lovely Wonder Twins then I encourage you to join Me for this amazing and adventurous journey. It's going to be quite a ride, that's for sure!

Members to My site will get to enjoy the very special VIP only made content relating to this amazing journey along with all the other cool Fan Club stuff and if you like what your reading/hearing then please tell a friend and let's make the impossible possible!

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